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Restored Republic via a GCR as of Oct. 22, 2017

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Sunday, October 22, 2017

BATR: Leader Worship, Don't Vote -- Revolt!

Leader Worship

Don't Vote - Revolt!

Cannon Fodder presents a simple quiz: Politics, Patriotism and Protest! Take the test and gauge your loyalty.

1. It is never right to kill another person.

2. Political leaders usually act in the best interest of their countries.

3. If a political leader has done something wrong, it is all right to get rid of him or her by whatever means necessary.

4. "Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely."

5. In certain situations it may be justified for a political leader to bend or break the law for the good of the country.

6. People should never compromise their ideals or beliefs.

7. "My country right or wrong" is not just a slogan; it is every citizen's patriotic duty.

8. No cause, political or otherwise, is worth dying for.

9. "Cowards die many times before their deaths; the valiant taste of death but once."

10. "The evil that men do lives after them; the good is [often buried] with their bones.

You may not agree with your score, as interpreted by the opinionnaire. Are there any correct and absolute answers or will circumstances determine the validity of your response? In an acute social environment of polarization, the viewpoint of the individual is pressured to conform to the political goals of the ruling faction. While dissent continues, the official grade for passing is determined by your allegiance factor.

Both major political parties share this bipartisan standard. Defenders of Bill Clinton maintain the same devotion to their chief as supporters of George Bush have for their cowboy. Partisan talking heads, spin doctors and party hacks all rally around the center of their own group interest. The gravity of political power that keeps the gang of self-seeking opportunists in office pulls the organization from all sides. The focal point of mass attraction rests upon the proportional devotion supporters demonstrate toward their party leadership.

Note that the concept of a political platform is seldom mentioned any longer in party circles. Policies are designed to be flexible. Fluid responses to irritant circumstances are the hallmark of daily talking points. What remains constant is the unswerving commitment to the headship and the party organization.

Is this a rational approach to governance? What have either Democrat or Republican parties achieved that benefits ordinary citizens? Ask any party regular who campaigns for candidates, works in their bureaucracy or aspires to be close to the leadership committee! What motivates them is career advancement. Any other response from lapel pin wearers would be dishonest. The proposition that one has to be part of a power junto to make a difference or change the system is absurdly fraudulent on the face of such a sham.

When was the last time any genuine criticism was allowed to go public within either of the two party monoliths? The pretense of internal squabbles fade as soon as the president is challenged, especially when manufactured crisis is used to divert and silence true popular debate. This scheme works for both parties. The key element that protects any president is the taboo that forbids ever questioning the office of the Presidency itself.

In a nanny society the dependent babies need to be fed. The president is viewed as both daddy and mommy for all the children. He can do no wrong when it comes to protecting the home front, providing the free social programs or guaranteeing a Medicaid dispensed prozac drugged society. So you don’t personally like the current occupier of the White House, the next pretender may be another Clinton . . . What will really change when the next un-American idol will be a trailer park goddess?

The foreign policy of empire remains the same, the debt grows expediential, the living wage jobs keep moving offshore, the flood of wet backs track across the border, the cost of living jumps at every turn as the practice of civil liberties are relegated to the trash bin of a previous era. With each successive administration the substance of the “land of the free” is diminished.

Our Dear “Beloved Leaders” remind us and conclude: “the Presidency needs to be abandoned. State governments need to reassert and take back their valid roles and responsibilities. The federal vermin has become a behemoth. The executive for central command and control is a despot, and all the alphabet agencies are mercenary overseers for enslavement. The plantation mentality accepts and even longs for omniscient royalty. George W Bush is just another gangster in an unbroken line of psychopaths that want to be king.”

So how did you fare on taking the Politics, Patriotism and Protest quiz? Are you a devoted minion of the ruling class? Do you champion the unbroken legacy of top down rule that is the staple of both political parties? Bush’s approval is at 38% as polled by Zogby. Bush also received his all-time worst marks in three other categories in the CNN/USA Today/Gallup poll. The better question is why is his ranking or that of any other president as high as it is?

Leader worship is a national sickness. There is nothing patriotic about venerating thugs that rape, pillage and destroy the nation so that privileged elites can advance their new world disorder. The silly campaign season is once again foisted upon us. BATR Politics will cover this next segment of the perennial non- democratic charade. For those non-conformists who recognize the futility of the two party political scam the amusement of another selection cycle may just bring down those polling numbers even more. The demise of leader worship is a crucial step in the road for recovery. If you are tired of being cannon fodder, end your consent for a rigged process. Populism deserves a system that is truly representative. Don’t Vote – Revolt!

SARTRE – March 27, 2006

Read the entire article on the "View of the Mount" archive page

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(Video) Alfred Lambremont Webre -- War Crimes! Melanie Vritschan's Baby Kidnapped by Brussels Hospital

Published on Oct 21, 2017

War Crimes- ICATOR-be Melanie Vritschan-s Newborn Baby Medically Kidnapped by Brussels Hospital Under False Psychiatric Charges


Apollo 15 Pilot Joins the List of Astronauts to Tell the World About ‘Alien’ Visitation

Source: Collective Evolution

If we look at the long list of astronauts to share their knowledge and beliefs about UFOs, as well as intelligent extraterrestrial civilizations that are or have been visiting our planet, the list is quite long and it never seems to stop growing. Apollo 14 astronaut, Dr. Edgar Mitchell, told us that there "have been crashed craft, and bodies recovered." Dr. Brian O'leary told the world that there is "abundant evidence that we are being contacted," Gordon Cooper, and others like Story Musgrave have all made some interesting remarks about their knowledge or beliefs.

Also joining them is a long and growing list of hundreds, if not thousands of high ranking military personnel, political figures, academics and many more.

On top of this we have hundreds of thousands of pages released by multiple governments that document these interesting cases. Although we may not quite know exactly what is going on, we know something is.

All of this information that's leaked over the past few years, in turn, has also provoked a response from the "mainstream world," a world that used to criticize and ridicule the subject is now taking corrective measures to bring more credibility into it, in some cases, despite doing a poor job.

This has been seen with recent citizens hearings on the manner, as well as popular people from within pop culture getting together with some "well known" people from companies like Lockheed Martin, and others from within the intelligence community and starting awareness initiatives, like

Tom Delonge.

Take the founder of Bigelow Aerospace for example, who is one of many who has shared his knowledge about the fact that we are not alone, and that are being visited.

For so long, this subject has been swept under the radar by so many people, and all of a sudden we've had this burst of information that's made it clear to most that something is going on here.

The more popular this subject gets, the more it becomes dripped into the mainstream arena, and the more we need to put our critical thinking caps on.

For years, government, and those from within the government as well as intelligence agencies, have had a very heavy interest in this subject. All of the mainstream organizations started to officially investigate this phenomenon, like NICAP, and MUFON, originate by those from within the intelligence and defence community. This is a common trend with regards to mainstream initiatives dealing with the UFO/ extraterrestrial subject.

The point is, our government and mainstream media, for the most part, have been deceiving us on so many different topics, with perhaps 9/11, and other false flag events that have happened in recent history. People still question this narrative, despite the fact that multiple insiders, whistleblowers, and even active presidents, politicians and academicians have been providing the evidence for decades.

It seems that when something that is not heavily present or made known by our sources of 'reliable' information, which lie in the hands of a tightly knit, small group of financial elite with vested big powerful interests in multiple areas, is not considered to be of significance.

This comes despite the fact that our mainstream media has direct connections to the intelligence community.

There is news transpiring everyday that should be making headlines, but it doesn't and instead we are drip fed with lies, which is made even more clear by international media in other countries sharing information that contradicts the western world.

This is why, the solution is not to censor information or deem it as "fake news," but rather to have open discussions, teach people how to think critically, and examine sources for themselves. Let them decide, and not have some authority figure deciding it for them.

The latest example would be Vladimir Putin calling out the Syrian chemical weapons attack as a false flag.

After all, a lot of what we see is used for corruption, and brainwashing, and providing narratives that justify military action.

So, when it comes to the UFO/extraterrestrial topic, why should we really expect anything else? This field, being a veteran researcher within it, has a long history of infiltration by special interests, to change narratives, and more. Hillary Clinton seemed to use the topic a lot this year and speak about it in a serious matter in order to rack up more votes, but who really knows.

This type of thing has been seen within our media, and even academia, to sway or persuade a perception.

"Behind the scenes, high ranking Air Force officers are soberly concerned about UFOs. But through official secrecy and ridicule, many citizens are led to believe the unknown flying objects are nonsense." – Former head of CIA Roscoe Hillenkoetter (source)

If you want to learn more about the UFO/extraterrestrial topic, we've published many heavily citied articles on the subject. You can read those, as they are all archived, by visiting the exopolitics section of our website, here.

While we've had so many astronauts share their experiences, others are quick to dismiss any talk of UFOs, saying that they have not personally come across any evidence to suggest that the phenomenon is real. This is quite confusing, and brings into question the possibility of a ridicule campaign in continuance, while a disinformation is currently underway. Who knows?

It's important for us to be able to distinguish between a 'credible reliable source,' that's honest, and another that fits the same description but is not reliable, and spreading disinformation. How we do that is a topic of discussion for another article.

Let's take a look at what the astronaut said.

He said, very seriously, "We are the aliens, we just think they're somebody else, but we're the ones who came from somewhere else. Because somebody else had to survive…they got in a little space craft and they came here and they landed and they started civilization here, that's what I believe. And if you don't believe me, go get books on the ancient Sumerians and see what they had to say about it, they'll tell you right up front."

Again, he is sharing his beliefs, perhaps he has more knowledge on the subject, but who really knows. After all, everything with regards what really happened and is happening on the moon is quite scattered and hard to piece together.

It's not like this astronaut is saying something along the lies of what Dr. Edgar Mitchell did when he said he "happens to be privileged enough to be in on the fact that we are not alone on this plant " and that we have "been visited many times." (source) (source) (source)

As far as coming from space, this astronaut is not the only one who has brought for this theory. You can read more about that in the article lined below.

Nobel Prize winning co-discoverer of DNA says our genes were brought here by extraterrestrials

Obviously, this brings a lot of other questions into play. Anything on this topic really does open a can of worms that dive and related to multiple areas and aspects of human life and history.

How Marine Algae Could Help Feed The World

Source: The Conversation | by William Moomaw and Asaf Tzachor

Our planet faces a growing food crisis. According to the United Nations, more than 800 million people are regularly undernourished. By 2050, an additional 2 to 3 billion new guests will join the planetary dinner table.

Meeting this challenge involves not only providing sufficient calories for every person, but also assuring a balanced diet that includes the protein and nutrients that are essential to good health. In a newly published study, we explain how marine microalgae could be a sustainable solution for solving global macro-hunger.

Problems with current food production systems

The current Western diet requires vast amounts of land, water and energy, is heavily polluting and is a major contributor to climate change. Providing nutritious food for an ever-growing global population with increasing per capita demand is pushing our current food production system beyond its limits.

Livestock production is replacing forests with cropland and pastures for meat and animal feed. Nitrogen and phosphorous fertilizer used to grow feed grain and other crops is degrading soils and creating biological dead zones in some 400 estuaries around the world.

Fish are an important source of omega-3 fatty acids and essential amino acids that make up our proteins. However, eating fish has some downsides. They can concentrate heavy metals and toxic organic chemicals in their tissues and pass them on to us. Furthermore, most ocean fisheries are overfished or at maximum production.

A Chilean fishing vessel nets some 400 tons of mackerel. NOAA

Aquaculture is producing a growing share of world seafood. But fish farms can have serious environmental impacts, including water pollution, disease transmission to wild fish and habitat destruction. Demand for small ocean fish to feed those raised on farms is depleting wild stocks.

An alternative approach: Cutting out the 'middle fish'

In our paper, we propose an alternative solution: commercial production of marine microalgae as a staple human food and feed for animals and farmed fish. These tiny organisms are the ultimate source of omega-3 fatty acids and amino acids that humans need in our diets, and which many of us get by eating fish. But fish are merely aquatic intermediaries in the nutrition business. We can feed the world more efficiently by "cutting out the middle fish."

Microalgae are a nearly untapped resource, and are found in both freshwater and marine aquatic systems. Although they are only few micrometers in size, they produce amino acids, fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, polymers and carbohydrates.

For example, the omega-3 rich microalgae Nannochloropsis oculata, or simply Nanno, is a promising potential source of high-nutrient food and feed. It is 40 percent protein by dry weight, of which one-third contains essential amino acids, and 6 percent EPA omega-3 essential fatty acid in a highly bioavailable form.

Only a handful of algal species are used commercially now, but hundreds of strains have the potential to become food and feed sources. Microalgae are currently used as a food ingredient, a food supplement and as aquafeed for fish.

Photobioreactors produce algae using a light source and carbon dioxide. IGV Biotech, CC BY-SA 

Producing Nanno

Microalgae are commercially cultivated using several methods that have a range of sustainability footprints. The first is an aerobically fermented system, where cultivation is performed in dark, mixing vessels using sugar as the main energy source for the algae. Algae may also be cultivated in open ponds, using either fresh- or saltwater, carbon dioxide and sunlight. Alternatively, they may be grown in brackish water or seawater in closed, transparent tubes called photobioreactors.

Nanno is currently being grown at a commercial scale using brackish water in outdoor ponds with added carbon dioxide in Texas, and in photobioreactors using seawater and carbon dioxide at a geothermal power station in Iceland. Here sunlight is replaced by efficient LED lights powered by inexpensive, zero-polluting renewable electricity from the power plant.

Photobioreactors require the least amount of water and fertile land. These reactors are like LEGO blocks that can be stacked vertically. Since it is a closed system, this approach minimizes loss of water through evaporation.

One sustainability metric for comparing protein production from animals, plants and marine algae is the amount of land and water needed to produce an equal quantity of essential amino acids from each type of food. We calculate that producing one kilogram of beef-sourced essential amino acids requires 148,000 liters of freshwater and 125 square meters of fertile land. In contrast, producing the same amount from Nanno raised in an open pond with brackish water requires only 20 liters of freshwater and 1.6 square meters of nonfertile land.

Land and water requirements for the production of essential amino acids from various sources: freshwater usage and annual land productivity. Industrial Biotechnology, CC BY-ND

Counterintuitively, some plant protein requires very large amounts of land and water, even relative to some meat sources. For example, peas require about twice as much freshwater and 6.5 times the footprint of fertile land to produce the same amount of essential amino acids as chicken.

Turning microalgae into food products

How does one eat Nanno? Currently it comes as a soft gel capsule of marine microalgae oil, marketed as an alternative to krill or fish oil as a daily source for omega-3's. In powdered form, whole algae or algae extract could serve as an ingredient in health bars, sports snacks or pasta. Whole algae, such as Spirulina and Chlorella, are already commercially viable and have entered the market, along with other algae-based products such as algal tea and algal flour.

In its current form Nanno can be used as a protein and fatty acid supplement to improve the nutritional level of undernourished people around the world, and as feed for farmed fish and livestock. Most algae-based products are marketed in the United States as dietary supplements, but we believe the time has arrived to introduce algae-based foods to the dining table.

In aquatic ecosystems, such as the Great Lakes, microalgae form the base of food webs. Michigan Sea Grant

A number of companies already offer innovative alternative meat products, which have the potential to become large-scale food sources with nutritional content and taste comparable to meat. But products based on potatoes, wheat and soy still consume large amounts of freshwater and arable land, with the same environmental disadvantages of current agriculture.

By our calculation, pea- and soy-based alternative meat products with similar nutritional amino acid value to Nanno could be produced using 6.4 times less freshwater than beef, but would require 2.2 times more fertile land. In contrast, using marine microalgae reduces land usage by over 75-fold, since no fertile land is required, and lowers freshwater usage by a factor of 7,400.

Our paper describes a sustainable system for cultivating microalgae that is economically viable. The next step is persuading food scientists to utilize it as the basis for alternative meat products. Chefs and connoisseurs, gastronomes and gourmands, consumers and critics can all help the planet by taking part in a global transition to algae-burgers.

Isaac Berzin, founder and CTO of Algaennovation, contributed to this article.


William Moomaw

Professor Emeritus of International Environmental Policy, Tufts University

Asaf Tzachor

Doctoral Candidate, Science, Technology and Policy, UCL


Putin: We Gave you Uranium, you Repaid us by Bombing Belgrade

Source: Covert Geopolitics

When we talk about the Hillary Clinton and Russian company Uranium One transaction, we mostly meant to expose the hypocrisy behind the Deep State Democrat faction's RussiaGate "election meddling." It turns out, there's something more.

Russia was actually helping the US obtain fuel for the latter's nuclear power stations, as part of the nuclear disarmament treaties that both countries signed, about 3 decades ago.

In short, the Uranium One-Clinton transaction was actually part of a peaceful engagement by the Russians towards the West, so that the world will experience the peaceful use of nuclear power, as both China and Russia are now helping other countries to have their own nuclear energy programs, too.

For Putin to expose these details could only mean one thing, i.e. he's really going all the way now, sans standard intergovernmental protocols. Disrespect begets disrespect. The multiple diplomatic assassinations and embassy raids in the US have finally broken the camel's back.

Vladimir Putin has criticized the US for failing to keep their end of the bargain in a host of international disarmament agreements. He says Moscow will not exit any existing treaties, but promised an "instant, symmetrical response" if Washington decides to quit first.

'US decided to do away with international law'

Speaking during a Q & A session at the Valdai Discussion Club in Sochi, an annual meeting with international journalists and Russia experts, Putin began by recalling the Megatons to Megawatts program, which ran between 1993 and 2013, and saw Russia downblend enriched uranium from the equivalent of about 20,000 of its nuclear warheads into low-enriched uranium to be used as fuel by US power stations.

Putin said that as part of what he called "one of the most effective disarmament efforts in history," US officials made 170 visits to top secret Russian facilities, and "set up permanent workplaces in them adorned with American flags."

"From the Russian side unprecedented openness and trust were demonstrated," said Putin, saying that through the 1990s, about 100 US officials were entitled to carry out surprise inspections of Russian nuclear facilities, as part of Gorbachev and Yeltsin-era agreements.

"What we got in return is well-known – a complete disregard for our national interests, support for separatism in the Caucasus, a circumvention of the UN Security Council, the bombing of Yugoslavia, the invasion of Iraq, and so on. The US must have seen the state of our nuclear weapons and economy and decided to do away with international law."

'They have no money for disarmament, but we do?'

Putin said that Washington's hostile policies "are returning the relationship between the two countries to the 1950s" though noted that at least during the Cold War "there was at least more mutual respect" between the two superpowers.

A road-mobile Topol missile system © Alexandr Kryazhev / Sputnik

"We can't actively participate in several international treaties, because the US is not doing anything itself. We can't just do it unilaterally," said Putin, citing the 1993 Chemical Weapons Convention, as an example of the US taking advantage.

Last month, Russia declared that all its chemical weapons stockpiles had been disposed of – news that Western media "decided to stay silent on,"according to Putin – while the US has persistently delayed its own destruction schedule, and now plans to complete the process in 2023 at the earliest.

"We destroyed everything, and then our American partners said – 'Not yet, we don't have money.' So, they have a dollar printing press, yet they don't have money. But we, on the other hand, do?" said Putin with heavy sarcasm.

'We will fulfill our obligations'

Putin dated a key point in the breakdown of the post-Soviet world order to the US decision to withdraw from the 1972 Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty (ABM) in 2002, during George W. Bush's first term in office, to pave the way for the construction of the missile defense shield, to which the Kremlin continues to object vehemently.

"This treaty was the cornerstone of the entire international security framework in the area of strategic weapons. But despite spending years trying to persuade our colleagues otherwise, we weren't able to hold our partners inside the agreement," said Putin.

US President Donald Trump is joined by (L-R) Chief of Staff Reince Priebus, Vice President Mike Pence, senior advisor Steve Bannon, Communications Director Sean Spicer and National Security Advisor Michael Flynn as he speaks with Russia's President Vladimir Putin January 28, 2017 © Jonathan Ernst / Reuters

US President Donald Trump has criticized another treaty between Russia and the US that is still in force – New START. Signed in 2011 through to 2021, it stipulates that both sides are allowed to have up to 1,550 active nuclear warheads. Trump called it out as poor Obama-era deal in his campaign, and reportedly was annoyed with the Russian president for bringing it up in a phone conversation earlier this year.

"We are hearing that the other side is also not pleased with New START,"Putin said. "We are not going to quit it. Maybe we are ourselves dissatisfied with certain aspects of it, but there is always an element of compromise. So, we are going to fulfil our obligations."

'Instant and symmetrical response'

The treaty under the biggest threat is the INF, signed in 1987, which bans land-based missiles – both nuclear and conventional – with ranges between 500-5,500 km. The US has said that several of the latest Russian rockets violate the agreement.

US President Ronald Reagan (R) and Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev signing the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) treaty at the White House, on December 8 1987 © Reuters

Putin bemoaned that by not banning air-based and naval launchers the treaty allowed a loophole beneficial predominantly to NATO states, and said that it represented "another case of Russia making unilateral concessions."

"Nonetheless, we are going to comply with its terms providing our partners do so," Putin said. "If they decide to abandon it, however, our response will be instant and symmetrical."

'Others talk about nuclear disarmament when they develop newer weapons'

While Putin insisted that Russia "still wants and will pursue" new agreements with the US to achieve nuclear disarmament, these may be harder to negotiate in an era of more diverse weapons systems, being produced more states than ever before.

Russian President Vladimir Putin © Grigoriy Sisoev / Sputnik

"Countries' readiness to talk about getting rid of nuclear weapons is in direct proportion to their advances in other weapons systems," said Putin, noting that both conventional and high-tech weapons delivered with modern targeting systems "offer almost as much damage, with far superior accuracy."

"We are carefully monitoring what is happening around the world, just as our own country is acquiring these non-nuclear weapons system," Putin said.

10 Photos that Show What the U.S. Looked Like Before the EPA

Source: Truth Theory | by Amanda Froelich

In February of this year, H. R. 861 was introduced to Congress. Its purpose? To effectively terminate the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) by the end of 2018. Founded in 1970, the EPA exists to protect both human health and the environment. Because the Trump administration is a supporter of fossil fuels, seeks to phase out investments in renewable energy and maintains the belief that climate change is a "hoax" invented by the Chinese, however, the EPA's new administrator has been working tirelessly to undo protections which have been in place for decades — all under the guise of federal overreach and economic harms.

While the EPA is not without its flaws, disassembling the entire agency would be disastrous to the environment, as well as people and wildlife's health. The science is clear: humanity's reliance on fossil fuels, which are increasing carbon emissions and propelling the greenhouse gas effect, is altering the ecosystem. Warming temperatures are causing glaciers to melt, which in turn is causing sea levels to rise. Entire species are dying because they can no longer thrive in their natural environment (polar bears, for instance) and yet, many consumers continue to use plastic and discard reusable items with haste. If the EPA were to be dismantled, who knows how much worse it would get…

Fortunately, we have a semblance of an idea, thanks to photographs which were snapped before President Nixon founded the agency. As IFLSciencereports, a photographic project was commissioned to document the environmental destruction which was rampant across the US. The goal was to illustrate how essential the core mission of the EPA was, is, and will be for decades to come. Considering President Trump withdrew the US from the Paris Climate Agreement and the EPA is in imminent danger of being eradicated, the messages conveyed through the images couldn't be more timely.

Following are 10 of the most compelling photographs that have been digitized by the US National Archives. Hopefully, they remind climate change deniers that we — as a species — have limited time to adopt sustainable habits, divest from fossil fuels, and start caring about the environment.

1) The George Washington Bridge, seen here in heavy smog (May 1973)

The EPA's Clean Air Act, which first came about during the earliest days of the EPA, has helped to tackle smog, as well as air pollution, ozone layer destruction, acid rain, and toxic particulate emissions.

2) Burning discarded automobile batteries (May 1972)

Burning tires is an outdated practice that can be directly linked to the premature deaths of those living nearby, usually through cardiovascular or respiratory conditions.

3) Undrinkable water caused by coal mining (October 1973)

A primary objective of the EPA was to ensure that every American has access to clean drinking water. As the disaster in Flint, Michigan, reveals, it is still a long way from accomplishing this.

4) The Atlas Chemical Company spreads smoke across pasture land (June 1972)

Though this type of proximity can be witnessed today, stricter pollution limits are now in place.

5) Illegal dumping off the New Jersey Turnpike, across from Manhattan (March 1973)

Thanks to the EPA, such behavior is now prosecuted much more harshly today.

6) The Georgetown Gap, where raw sewage flowed straight into the Potomac (April 1973)

Fortunately, this type of sewage dumping method is now prohibited.

7) Children play near a smokestack (August 1972)

Levels of arsenic and lead found in these smokestacks are now illegal today, as they would almost certainly have cut the lives of those featured in the photos short by several years.

8) Trash builds up on the shore of Baltimore Harbor (January 1973)

Once again, the EPA can be thanked for slights such as these occurring rarely.

9) The Clark Avenue Bridge in Cleveland (July 1973)

Smog once obscured the view.

10) Fight For Your World (June 1972)


h/t IFLScience

Images via US National Archives

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